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>>> after more than a decade with maryland state police and 8 years with the governor's protectiin detail a state -rooper is arrested facing felony child pornography charges. baltimore police arrested him after a long investtgation. from ounty police headquarters with more on how they tracked him down. >> baltimore county police say they're normal internet monitoring is hht led to the arrest of 47 years olddbruce tucker,,a 13 year eteraa with -aryland state police. according to charging documents over seveeal months, tucker received and exchanged more than 3,000 images of littte boys and girls, one child belieeed to be as young as 2 years old girl performing sex acts. detectives say they recovered evidence including a computer from inside tucker owinns mills home. as news spread, neighbors are ú%ocked. >> i live next door to a stttt trooppr, i guess you feel safe and you actually got somebody like that. i think it's preety shocking. >> reporter: baltimore county police said that tucker told them that he was curious of the and then his interest grew.et they arrested him and this morni
and i'm looking forward to working with you in the state house again and changing maryland for the better. >> i'm first generation in this country. my parents came over from ireland in the 1950s and they had nothing. my father had $10 in his pocket. got married at ages 24 and moved to maryland and lived there and started having a family. a working mother. we started going down the wrong path right away. we need to pull back on that and bob ehrlich is the right person, with his idea of taking back that sales tax increase, for making maryland open for business again, for putting marylanders back to work. >> o'malley's campaign released a statement welcoming her to the race. this election will ultimately be about which candidate puts the interest of maryland's working families ahead of special interest and who is on the side of working families. ehrlich will appear with kane this morning, then at 2:00 will visit a charter school together in baltimore. >>> george owings has withdrawn from the race because he is recovering from surgery. owings posted his announcement last night
problem. the maryland avenue off ramp is closed on the southbound j.f.x.. you can see st. paul street as your alternate. it will be closed through sunday. be aware of that in the mount vernon area. 11 minutes on the inner loop west side. six minutes on 95 south between the beltway and 100. no delays to report just to get. this is a live look at the topside of the beltway. things of moving just fine there. picking up just a little bit on the outer loop but no delays to report. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back over to you. >> thank you. the weather is not the only thing heating up in maryland. >> the battle for the highest elected office is on. against'malley will be bob ehrlich. jennifer franciotti joins us live from federal hill with the latest. >> democratic demonstrators held a protest outside the former governor's annapolis office yesterday. he was not there but bob ehrlich said things like that will not help maryland. 35 demonstrators demanded answers. looking out for corporate and special interest. >> if it walks and talks like a it is probably a duck. he represented
? >> not much. >> 45% say maryland is moving in the right direction. 61% say there is no change in their financial situation. 32% say they are financially worse off today than they were a year ago. that third is a major factor in explaining why the race is so close. of delegates 44.7% of the vote, are like a 42.3%. in a state where democrats outnumber republicans to 200 >> polls suggest your message may not be an resonating with voters. >> the campaign has just begun. from the first days of this administration, we have focused on jobs, creating jobs, saving jobs. maryland has held onto private job base better than all and for other states in the country. >> 230,000 jobs have been lost since he took office and 3000 businesses have closed. in june, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.1% and the state has seen job growth for four straight months. but the public is not convinced that the economy is turning around. the poll finds 30% of democrats to not believe the economy will improve next year. 19% say they will vote for ehrlich. if the condemned the number to 25%, he will win. >> p
comes to town to build some kindness. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. how gorgeous was yesterday? >> it was beautiful. justin burke, keep it going there, bud. >> all right, 6:00 and july 1. usually we reserve some of the nicest days of the yore for april or may, not the end of june or early july. that's what we've got. we have a nice benefit here as we have pushed the heats into steam out of the region. fresh canadian air spills on in. the time of year we thank canadians. temperatures stayed below normal. in fact, we stayed at 75 degrees in easten and 78 in ocean city. ocean city matching the markup, and look back in oakland, garrett county, that's almost too chilly for the end of june. 64. we reverse those numbers to 46 for them this morning. we are down to 62 in baltimore. temperatures in baltimore have dropped 6 degrees in the last two hours. they are down to 50 in york, pa, holding at 63 in easten. what a beautiful start. the sun is already up and it will really be nice this afternoon with a mostly sunny sky and our 2-degree guaranteed hi
rain along york and some light rain showers in western maryland. it should be ok this morning around the city. this afternoon, we will have a 50% chance for a thunderstorm. it will be an uncomfortable day as far as the humidity. we have much better news as far as the forecast going into the weekend. >> coffee, anyone? there are some things to watch for. we have an accident in windsor mill. watch for delays in that area. fire activity is now clear in the city. 45 miles per hour on the north side around the harrisburg expressway. so far so good on 95. 51 on the west side of the loop heading down towards liberty. on 95 into howard county, approaching 56 miles per hour. checking 795 and going away from us is southbound traffic. delay-free at the moment. we switch over to it live view of 895. problem-free at the moment at the toll plaza. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> many gathered last night at the spot where a johns hopkins researcher was stabbed to death earlier this week. >> jennifer franciotti joins us from the baltimore city police headquarters with the very latest. >> o
>> the governor's race is heating up here in maryland. details on nec's. >> bp finally stops the gusher in the gulf. >> if you thought bp could not be under more scrutiny, some senators are raising questions about whether they had anything to do with the release of a convicted terrorist. >> we are in the middle of the summer season. this weekend will feel like it. we'll have details as we start right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. happy friday. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> john collins has a check of the forecast. >> i got to use a gizmo that we do not have much occasion to use. we had an earthquake. we can demonstrate it for you on our radar. the computer can display the information. there is a 3.5 -- our system called it a 3.6 -- it struck near rockville in montgomery county. thisppened around 5:04 morning. it was about 3 miles down just
. >> the 14-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center now in hagerstown. >>> maryland natural resources police have determined the cause of a death of a man who died in a jet ski accident in the bay. jessica is in the newsroom with details on this. >>> warren smith died from electrocution, it happened sunday evening, around 1 1/2 miles south of the bay bridge. powerful storms moved through the region. investigators say smith and a friend were racing back to avoid the storms when lightning was nearby. it wasn't enough to avoid a direct strike. but enough to kill him. >> summer thunderstorms are coming and can pop up with little or no warning. >>> an unusual criminal case in anne arundel county tonight. police have a suspect in custody. but they are looking for a would-be victim. >>> police say a suspect stole items from a store in the annapolis mall. he appears to try to carjack a woman driving that beige car. he was eventually apprehended by security. but police are looking for the victim in the car. >>> maryland voters consistently rate the environment and the health
, this is fox 45 news t 10:00. >> hello, iiaa jeff barnd. >> aad i am jennifer gilbert. a maryland state trooper that job it was to protect the governor, faces child pornography charges tonight. >> baltimore county police busted him after a long investigation. keith daniels ssands by live tt county police headquarters where he is charred with possessiig pornoggaphy.ting child keith? ->well, jeff, the sussect's name is bruce tucker, and he is 47. and baltimore county police ay their normal monitoring of the internet led to his arrest. >> in this owen's mills townhome community newssabout a neighbor is spreeding to neighbors. bruce ucker, maryland state trooper that lives on explan nad court is facing child porn charges. surprising allegations. >> lived right next oor to a maryllnd state trooper, i guess you feel saae. and you actually got somebodyú like that. that's shocking. >> another neighbor is not showing her face. but speaking out. >> well, i am appalled. i have children. so i mean, i have a great concern with that. right in my nnighborhood. >> according to charging documents,
in the state of maryland. ú%t bob ehrlich claims he created that credit five years ago. the o'malley camp said ehrlich signed a measure to create that >> we're proud of the fact that bbo tech tax credit.thorize that it was a great idea that camee3 from the legislature in 2005. and, i believe, we're the only state in the country to have increased that bio tech he tax credit in the last year. jobs were create in the state of maryland,,in the past four months. of course, stay with fox 45 news at 10:00 for the latest on the race for governor. go to foxbaltimore.com and click on the vote 2010 iconn ii the news features section. >> and an apology from the president of the u.s. mr. obama called shirley sherrod toddy after ffrced out of her job at thh usda. -e have more on what was said. >> the wwite house working to smooth over the shirley sharrod situation. -ffer three failed attempts, the former government wooker at usda over the phone. calling from his private office inside of the west wing, aides say mr. obama spoke to shirley sharrod for seven minutes shortly after nnon today. white house press
this is not only uncomfortableebut it's eadly. here six heet elated deaths in maryland and the sun is hot today. the code red dropped the number3 of swroaz last year whe!! zero e heat related deatts. we found markk at a cooling centtr and walked 4 miles in the awful heat. you really shouldn't do that if you can prevent it. his hands were trembbing as e reached for the water. >> they don't dd that nom no moe with these cooling centers. >> reporter: the last time they ran out of bottle watee so3 we are talking about the young and the very old for the most dangerous scenarios, but you got to keee in mind, if anybody is down, get them out of the sun, lay them down,,put a cool wrap try to get their temperature down. if they're tho vomiiing, call 9. >> all the people that you said have died from the heat related causes, do hey have anything in common, dd they have health issuus. >>>reeorter: it's always the very young or theevery old. 5 of thee were over 65 anddone person was youngee thhn that. really everybody needs to be awwre today. >> joel, be careful out there, thank you very much. you can g
not approve. the last questions bode well for o'malley. marylanders still approve of the democrat. we will talk about some of the big issues involved in this poll. already this morning, we have had some comments from the campaign regarding this poll. bob ehrlich is stuck in the low 40's because people remember his record as a big spender. this poll is the statistical dead heat. marylanders are embracing bob ehrlich and his message of less spending. we're live on capitol hill, george lettis, is news. >> a pair of suspects are in custody in conjunction with a stabbing death of a johns hopkins researcher. john wagner and lavelva merritt are being charged with first- degree murder in the death of stephen pitcairn. he was blocks away from his home and on the phone with his mother. >> i heard somebody approach and he offered his wallet and everything, but they killed him. >> after being here for 20 years, it is just getting worse. >> police are looking into the possibility that pitcairn's death is a part of robberies in that area. there is a suspicious death in west baltimore. the body of a
by the university of maryland center for environmental science will be the first of its kind, focusing on microorganisms and help researchers gain a better understanding of the environment in which crabs and oysters and other key commercial species live. >>> the president just told us last week he wants to see hiv down 25%. to do this 15 churches in baltimore will turn into hiv and aids testing sites today. abc2 news linda so with what this means. good morning. >> reporter: it means that anyone can visit any one of the 15 designated sites throughout the city to get free hiv testing today. part of an initiative to get people in baltimore tested and to provide care for those diagnosed. this morning hundreds of volunteers will go door to door to let the people know where their nearest testing site is. the goal is to get at least 2,000 people to show up. baltimore has one of the highest infection rates in the country. 15,000 people are living with hiv./aids in the city and it's believed another 9,000 don't even know they have the disease because they have not been tested yet. congressman e
to breaking news stories right now. first in bethesda, maryland a 7- year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after falling out of a window. it happened on wilmet road. rescuers tell us the boy fell from an unsecured second story window. he landed on the roof of a shed about eight feet down and rolled off and fell another 7 feet to the ground. he is expected to be okay. fire and rescue crews want to remind everyone out there do make sure all of your windows are secure. >>> in fairfax police and homicide detectives are investigating reports after human skull found in a ditch. police say they received a call about a person finding the skull at route 1 and furnace road in lorton. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll bring you more details when we get them. >>> a developing story in prince george's county tonight. an armed suspect on the run ended up barricading himself inside an empty school bus holding police at bay for hours. tonight the or deal is finally over -- ordeal is finally over. wisdom martin is back with the new details. >> reporter: this started out as an attempted bank robber
to politicians in the state of maryland to come here? >> this is a huge deal. it, frankly, should be a holiday. because everybody is down here. >> crabs or clams? what are you looking for? >> i'm looking for crabs. >> reporter: governor o'malley, in a tight race for re- election, finds himself in a mob of supportirs. >> cominger-- supporters. >> coming here is one of the rites of summer. it's great to be able to be here with the lieutenant governor and so many friends. and we're excited about this campaign. >> reporter: one of the most interesting things about this event is how the crowds break into groups of caucuses. you have the o'malley group there. and back here, the front runner in the republican governor's race, bob ehrlich. >> most people have no question that you're going to win the eastern shore. but the question on whether or not you can actually get these people motivated to turn out to vote. what do you have to do? >> our folks are really motivated. they've dealt with four years of martin o'malley. martin o'malley is not what they want, on the shores, particularly. >> reporter: go
controversy. >> tte next lieutenant governor for the state of maryland. >> bob ehrlich introduces his running mate mary kahne to baltimore. >> i am excited about a woman being lieutenant governor. >> who needs a mama grizzly. >> mary kahneea republican under ehrllch, for 11 months. ú%rnging experience, in goverrment, and the private seetor toothe table. >> we need to encourage to grow in maryland. >> kahne is also married to john kahne. a former g.o.p. ccairman, and owner of a moving ompany, now beinn sueed for fraudulent bilge on government contracts. >> in a way, i wonder whetherúú. >> political analyst said kahne's abaagage could cause %-also said that her ties to and mootgomery county aad washington suuurbs may not be enough. >> these days, thh temperament are against all pprties. both he parties. and it might have been better if %-so clearly identifyed with the party. >> clemson said ehrlich's previous picks, steel and cox, time, he is playing it safe. >> given the ratio between ú%mocratic and republican voters in maayland. i don't think a he republican can win ii he played it right
from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >>> now, good morning maryland. >> 6:39. trying to hit this one out of the park. a full home run of sorts for weather. great day today. we've got sunshine starting at 62 degrees. some 50s outside the beltway. we are going for a high near 80 this afternoon. you can follow that in the wakeup window and see great weather continuing. more on that coming up in a pinch. right now, here is kim brown with traffic. >> we have the continuation of that home run for traffic as well. we don't have any accidents, just a little bit of slowing and that's going to slow until security. still looking good around 695. a little bit of building volume on the northwest side as well. we'll have a complete report. megan and jamie, back to you. >> a big announcement for the candidate for governor. >> and he may be using facebook. >> i'm linda so, we'll tell you all about mary kane. >> also ahead, a youth football team in cockeysville want to know who took all their equipment. >>> plus, the four legged victims of the gulf oil leak and how you can help them thi
the camera and get to the streets. >> reporter: 52% of marylanders surveyed call it the biggest issue. >> what a governor can do about dropping the economy is practically nothing. >> reporter: ehrlich leads by 15% in the suburbs. we asked voters about that. >> governor ehrlich's support is not as strong as previous republicans, is that something you can elaborate on. >> we're campaigning in all the state. >> governor o' malley is not what they want. we feel good about the shore, about turn out. >> reporter: in a statement governor e, hrlich says he believes the race will be close to the end. and governor o' malley agrees. he says it'll be like a game of ping-pong till the day. >> the polls show that ehrlich has a lead among male voters, and o' malley has a lead among female voters. >>> and the waterfront hotel was forced to close its doors last night after a water pipe ruptured. forcing a thousand guests to quickly evacuate. >> reporter: managers say the baltimore marriot waterfront will be open for business early tomorrow morning . baltimore's trendy waterfront hotel was water logged
needs to grow. >> the ad promotes a tax credit that helps bio tech companies in maryland but ehrlich claims he made up the credit five years ago. o'malley camp said he just sponsored that (inaudible). >> >> we're proud of the fact that we were able to reauthorize that bio tech tax credit. it was a great idea that came from the legislature in 2005. and, i believe, we're the only state in the country to have increased that bio tech tax credit in the last year. >>the governor said 40,000 new jobs were created in the state of maryland in only the past four months. stay with us for the latest on the race for governor, go to foxbaltimore.com and click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. >> arundel county council approves the zoning change allowing homeowners to build windmills. they can be as high as 125 feet. building them on property smaller than 3 acres, however, would require a public hearing and county approval. >> west nile virus. is found in the state of maryland, for the first time this summer. the virus is found in a mosquito pool in lithacom last week. that area h
his pick last night. kane shares his mission of bringing more jobs to maryland and lowering taxes. a key battleground in the race for governor. in a video tape message -- first year in office, she says she is looking forward to getting out there and meeting people like you. >> i love meeting people. when i was secretary of state, i got to meet people from all over maryland, from all different cultures and from all different backgrounds and religions. how are all the highlights? finding out what they need and coming back to state government and seeing how we can make that work. >> now o'malley's campaign released a statement. tom russell says quote, this election will ultimately be about which candidate puts the interest of maryland's working families ahead of special interest and who is on the side of working families. ehrlich will appear this morning with kane at 10:30 in silver spring, then the two will head to baltimore and will visit a charter school. linda so, abc2 news. >> for the latest developments in the race for governor, log on -- click on news and political. >>> sta
and thunderstorm throughout the day. already, a few thunderstorms into western maryland and then, we see this heat intensifying into the end of the week. >>> bernadette, thank you, and we'll check in with sharon gibala. >> hi, sharon, good morning. we picked up a major problem this morning. you can see the accident on the westside of the beltway on the inner loop. it's approaching 70 and you can see, it's also blocking three right lanes and traffic is jammed. it looks like all of the lanes are blocked at this moment. meantime, you're looking at a back up and a poll down. this is going to take a while and we'll keep you updated. another accident, this is in the city at bel air road and we have the fire activity in the brooklyn section. this is closed between hoffman andhans map. some of the alternates are ritchie highway and 648. there's a live look outside, the traffic is light at this hour. and everything's running smoothly on the beltway. at 295, the problem area is the westside of the beltway. >> remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to wjz.com. back to you. >>> sh
. the forecast is minutes away. >>> breaking news out of oxon hill, maryland. the inner loop of the beltway is closed because of a deadly accident these are live pictures of the back up near st. barnabas road. at this point, no word on when the inner loop will open, but we will keep you posted. >>> coming up, a local doctor is missing. it might have something to do with what a patient said he did behind closed doors. >> a woman is suing a major airline, trying to force them to return $20. >> new fears the cap over the gulf oil well may not hold. >> next, extra friends. gulf oil well may not hold. >> next, extra friends. >>> if you are on facebook, you are not alone. >> as of today, you may have 500 million new friends. half a billion? >> it is half the people. -- is lot of people. one in 14 is using facebook right now. how much time we're spending on it is daunting. >> probably half an hour. >> some people wake up to it, and it is the last thing they do before going to bed. as of today, more than five under million people are around the world are using facebook to keep in touch with friends
agnes hospital. >> feels like 115. >> pace yourself. drink a lot of water. that's maryland weather. if you don't like it, wait a second. it will change. >> our top story, the temperature hitting highs that are hard to believe. tonight the city takes a break from brutal daytime sun. but has to prepare for another day of triple digit temperatures. as baltimore bakes. >> well, four days of triple digit temperatures this year. today broke a record for one of the hottest in baltimore's history. how to the got coming up in the forecast. but first, all of this heat is posing a danger to our health. pollution from tail pipes and smoke stacks mixed with the sun is a dangerous combination. healthy people can be affected. best thing to do is limit the time you spend outside. >> what happens is that people can go outside, they will breathe in large amounts of the grand level -- ground level ozone, lungs are irritated may suffer coughing spells. shortness of breath. >> this weather is especially dangerous for children. they take in even more air than adults, and can suffer long-term lung damage
-life threatening injuries. >> tonight, a lot of frustrrtion witt public transportation, in the state of maryland. marc train were strand fodhours, in 90-degreeeheat. this week a train from dc tt ballimore skipped a stop at oden tonight governor said thh state is spending a lot of money to fix those problems. >> here is our question of the3 day. do you trust public %-so far 33 percent say yes. 67 percent say nn. nicole writts on faceeook.franky behind a killlng machhne. car, plane, rain, tractor. whaaever. but another viewer defends tte workers, sort of. ú%ey are overworked under aid. so this will be happening a lot. >>>bob ehrlich is attacking the3 o'malley administration, for its response to the trouble with mass transit. one week after governor o'malley took this ride, on a marc train, ehrlich said ttat passengers still face naccepttble failures. %-riders addisory council..3for today the governor fired baak. >> governor ehrlich doesn't know much about government. never careddabout government..3 really ranked transit very, very low on hhs list of priorities even in easier times. i have surr
was faking it. >> insanity deffnse. evidence that could keee a maryland woman accused of killing her husband out of prison. >> hundreds of guns. them on display today. >> suspecteddrrssian spice unddr arrest. why there is still an international man hunt. >> and getting stuck in the wall. how it saved one man's life. >>>live in high definition, from fox 45 news "late edition". jenniffr is off. jury will soon decide if mary koontz knew what she was doing when she murdererd her husbbnd and tried to kill her daughter. doctors claim koontz was psychotic the day of the shootinns. >> much f tooay's testimony focused on whether mary koontz is lying about her mental illness. clinical psychologist took the stand this morning and told jurors kunst suffers from eight different mental disorddrs. dr. brandt testified that koontz was scott and i can delusional husband and attempted to shoot their daughter. >> when she was wwlking up from tte stteet to the house, she was seeing herself frrm a diitancc. out of body experience. -hat's the delusional base. it is this constant that ron was sexually abusing -he
marylanders back to work. >> reporter: mary kane is seen as strong in business circles and since 2006, she's worked for the chamber of commerce and she's never held an elected office. >> she has a significant role in making government efficient. people will look at the degree to which she helped the government to be more efficient. >> i just think it's interesting that he chose facebook as the primary medium. four years ago, i would be surprised if he knew about it. >> it's a technique to attract attention to the campaign. >> reporter: like ehrlich, kane is a proponent of smaller government. >> given the closeness of the election, women are going to be an important voting block. >> reporter: he'll be at a charter school withkane today. >> she's married to former chairman johnkane, facing a lawsuit for fraudulent belong a federal contract, but he says it's an administrative error. >> >> a man gets a surprise while talking on his cell phone. he was hit in the face while he's talking on the cell phone. it was embarrassing for him and maybe he'll pay more attention to the game. believe it or n
's office comes to a head on maryland's eastern shore. governor martin o'malley and its republican challenger, robert eric -- robert ehrlich, tried to win over the annual clam bake at somerset county. adam may is there. he reports from chrisfield. >> reporter: thousands here today. and loads of politicians putting aside the bickering. >> reporter: the crab and clam bake is a lot more than just great food. >> what does it mean to the people who come here. >> it's a big deal. it frankly, should be a state holiday. because everybody is down here. >> crabs or clams? >> i'm looking for crabs. >> reporter: governor o'malley finds himself among mobs of eastern shore supporters. >> coming here to the annual seafood festival is one of the rights of summer. it's great. to be able to be here with the lieutenant governor and so many friends. and we're excited about this campaign. >> reporter: one of the interesting things about this event is how the crowd kind of breaks into groups of caucuses. up here, another republican challenger for governor. and back here, the front runner in the race, bo
to get out and clarify who he s. >> reporter: so far, they are focused on the economy. 52% of marylanders surveyed called it a big issue. >> the fact is, what the governor can do is practically nothing. >> reporter: o'malley leads in the suburbs. ehrlich leads everywhere else. but only by 50% in the suburbs. and it's even closer on shore. we asked each candidate about that at a campaign stop in chrisfield last week. >> governor ehrlich's support is not as strong as previous republicans. is that something you can capitalize on? >> we're campaigning all over the state. every single person is important. >> martin o'malley is not what they want on the shore particularly. we feel really good about the shore, about turnout. people are excited. >> reporter: and police cal ex- - political experts say both of the candidates should be reaching out to those undecided voters and trying to fire up their party bases. the one who tries to do it best will be the likely winner. >> less than 100 days. we'll be on it. stay with wjz for 2010 campaign coverage. for the latest on information, log onto wjz.com.
on maryland avenue, where they found the victim's blood on a door and on shoes. the victim's wallet, his iphone and several folding and fixed blade knives. back at the memorial, the victim's friend wrote of their love for him, of their pain now, how they'll never forget him, and their desire to make sure justice is served. >>> and another live look here, pit-karen's mom said that she urged him to take a cab. but he loved to walk. she said the voice that she heard that was most aggressive on the phone was the man's voice. reporting live in charles village, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. >>> wagner did not appear in court today, but remains behind bars at this hour. >>> a popular baltimore hotel remains closed after a pipe burst, forcing an evacuation. a live look from the marriott from sky eye chopper 13. vic is in the newsroom with the latest. >>> the cleanup continues after the water leak forced nearly 1,000 guests at the hotel last night. the hotel was nearly at capacity. it happened on the fourth floor stairwell, and fled the hotel from the fourth f
coverage. it's wjz,maryland's news station. >> hello. i'm don scott. >> and here's what people are talking about today. >> alex has weakened to a tropical storm and it's sparing texas from a direct hit. whit johnson has a look at the damage down on south padre island, texas. >> reporter: alex left plenty of debris scattered across the beach on south padre island. but the storm spared the resort town major damage. torrential rain pounded south padre island. winds knocked downpour lines, temporarily closing the only bridge on and off the island. but storms have hit the area before and people around here know it could have been much worse. >> we didn't just dodge a bullet, we didn't even load the gun. >> reporter: winds topped 105 miles per hour. and low lying fishing villages were no match for 15 inches of rain. three people died when a house collapsed in acapulco. flash floods and tornadoes are possible. two twisters touched down near brownsville, texas. businesses at this tourist getaway hope to salvage some of the holiday weekend. scattered thunderstorms are still in the forecast but that
in the race for governor of maryland. republican bob ehrlich has yet to make any immediate moves. so far, polls put the race at a dead heat. david collins joins us live with the latest. >> the state of the economy is impacting the governor's race, both candidates acknowledge that. according to one political analyst, and a democrat, he says ehrlich is targeting rich audiences. o'malley is taking a more traditional approach and neither is gaining momentum. >> a son of the times, the political climate is ugly. this bob ehrlich billboard has been vandalized as well. gov. o'malley sees the connection between economy and inks. >> we have always said that it would be a tough campaign because these past three years have been tough on all of us. every mom and dad, every family have had high levels of anxiety and fears about their own jobs and homes. >> it is effective because he is good at it. he has a personal appearance that works well in small groups. larger audiences, we have set piece peace -- speeches. in a way, it allows him to choose his voters at the same time as the voters are choosing
>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> i have found that artner, thaa maryland partnee to help uú turn annapolis arounn. >>> turning to faaebook. theebig announcement bob ehrlicú made on the social networking site. >> last hug, mom and dad, last hug.3 >> every day people become midshipmmn. we are live at the naval academy induction day as their transformation takes lace. hurricane alex. >>> good morning. it's thursday, july 1st. i'm patrice harris..3 let's get a check of our forecaat as we begin this first day of a new month, meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> wwll, the nnw month starts -ff where the old month ended. of course the old month had a lot of hot and humid days. >> yysterday was not one of ú%em. >> yesterday was not one of them. we finished with tempeeatures in the 80s and low humidity. >> if tte rest f july could stay thaa way, you would be on the top of everybody's best friend list. >> if ii would, but it won't. enjoy today and tomorrow because things are goinn to go back to weather or the holiday weekend. today should be a beauty. 60 in salisbury and 57 in as you
or governor in maryland. former governor and republican candidate bob ehrlich announces his running mate. >> i have found that maryland -artnerrto help us turn maryland around. thaa partner is mary kane. >> ehrlich made that announcement late last night on phasebook. megan joins us with more n his pick. >> eporter: good morning, patrice. %-kane. taking a look at mary mary kane is ehrlich's former %-she is also tte former republican chairman wife, but this morning sse is waking up as an official candidate for lieutenant governor. ehrlich made the announcement on facebook. hh posted a you tube video that he made with his running mate llsten as mary speaks for thee3 first time. >> thank you, bob, i'm looking looking forward to working with you in the state house again nd -hanging maryland for the better. >> reporterr the two candidates will be all over our region maaing appeerances in baltimore county, and charlesú county. governor o'malley and lieuttnan3 governor brown. ggorge owings has dropped out of the race. megan gilliland, fox 45 early ú%ition..3 >>> you can get the latest on3 the g
injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> maryland was shaken awake this morning, a 3.6 magnitude their sleep, at 5:00. as kathleen cairns reports, the epicenter was in montggmery friday morning in germantown. while some residents work on -ome projects. >> all done. all finished. 5 a.m. wake-up call. >> everything shook. >> the whhle bed started to shake. and like this. >> the whole bed shakkng. room shaking. evvrything in the room was shaking. >> the surprise leads to speculatiin. >> wws it thunder? >> it wasn't thunder. >> was it a military plane >> it was sound that shocked me. >> aatomatically thought a house had blown up somewhere nearby. >> it felt like a truck ad hit the hhuse at first. and then the rattle. >> stephanie is a california ú%tive. ii reminded her of hollywood in ú%ny ways. >>the whole bed started to hake like ttis. like it shook. for about 20 seconds and ust >> experts have cracked the case. labeling it. -> 3.6 magnitude earthquake, epicenter was within a mile of here. >> i was not expectinn that at all. and it tottlly scared me. >> residdnts
. south of baltimore. a lot of rain now in calvert county, p.g. county, and southern maryland. and one sill i just -- cell i just found here. howard county line, may get to you folks in carroll county, which didn't seem much this afternoon. there is hope for you phobes who didn't see -- folks who didn't see a drop of rain. bernadette has a look at other numbers. >>> it came and came so quickly. bigger amounts around the region. 1.77 inches of rain. north of baltimore city. tv hill, just under 1 and three- quarters inch of rain. roland park at just under a half. the thing is, as far as 1-inch- plus amounts. anywhere from northern parts of baltimore county to northern parts of aa county. and clipping eastern parts of howard county. that seems to be the bull's eye. there is that chance for more rounds of rain tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. we'll have that forecast coming up shortly. right now, back inside. >>> wjz has checked with bge. about 17,000 people are without power right now. just about 7,000 people in the dark in baltimore city. 6600 are out in baltimore county. due to power o
of the summer.3 hits theaters. wwat the stars of twilight think ú% thh hype. >> and a maryland desseet is ooe of the fattest foods in the u.s. find out how mucc fat is in one slice of smith island cake. >> live n high definition from >> good evening, i am jenniferr3 gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. breaking news in the race for governor in the state of maryland. >> former governor ehrlich is using the internet attthis moment to announce his running mate. this just posted on his facebook page. it is marry kahne, former secretary of state. that is also thh wifeeof john kahne, marylann's formee ú%publiian committee chairman. he is making the announcement on facebook. there right now. taking advantage of social met working sites ii a growing trend for poll decisions. two will make appearances in baltimore, county and charles county tomorrow. and late word thht george owings haa dropped out of the race. he planned to challenge o'malley for the democratic nommnation but he is leaving because he is recovering from an illness. >> stay with us, for the latest on the race for governor. go to foxbalti
head west. we will start to see less of a chance behind that front. so central maryland, warrer. and then just a slight chance oo an isolateddthunderstorm in the afternoon. weetern maryland. less of a chance there. ú% lookssliie nicer place to be for omorrow afternoon. partly cloudy skies..3 stiil hot though. humidity is up as well. pretty much all over the place for tomorrow. and 92 degrees is what you can expect in western maryyand. perhaps the best place to escape %-if you are headed doon there,ú on saturday. and a chance of isolated storms saturday afternoon..3 and thee sunday looks like the better day to be on the beach. 87 degrees for tte afternoon high. slightly cooler than what we will experience hhre. overnight, 74 down degrees. sticky as the front pushes %-scattered storms lingering. and fog possiile waking up especially the locations that do see the rain tonightt and then for tomorrow, we will %-and 93 degrees for the afternn high. ann winds outtof the west at five to 10. now as you can see, we hold onto the heat into the next five 92 on sunday with dry conditions.
and gentlemen, the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland, mary kane. >> reporter: she's also a montgomery native, a critical battleground for governor o'malley. >> it's always sort of a wash. i think this year will take the governorship. seems like around the country, it's the year of women. >> reporter: kane's parents who immigrated from ireland stood by with tears in their eyes. >> my parents took a big risks coming here to find new opportunities. i have learned firsthand what is possible inmark. so, governors, thank you very much for including me in this journey. now, let's get to work. >> all right. you guys, let's hear it! >> reporter: tomorrow ehrlich and kane will file the paperwork for their candidacy. >> while it was old style cam passenger today, ehrlich made the announcement on his facebook page. >>> relief in south texas after alex dumped lots of rain. residents -- on south padre island are trying to salvage the weekend. >> reporter: the first atlantic hurricane of the season brushed south texas as it made landfall as a category two. in monterey it washed away car
maryland." jamie is on the go this morning. we'll check in with him later. in the meantime, let's check in with meteorologist justin burke. >> 6:29. we're taking a look at the headlines here. we had ourselves an 11-day stretch of 90 degree temperatures. it was 81 yesterday. low 80s today. we start building things back up close to 90 tomorrow and 90s on the 4th of july. ok, if that's not hot enough, we crank up the humidity and more heat next week will be between 97 and maybe a few more runs at 100. another heat wave about to build. yesterday, 81 in baltimore. 76 in york. a pleasant day today. we'll talk about the heat wave coming up. here's kim. >> thanks, justin. we have a couple of incidents we're working downtown this morning including an on-going police investigation. baltimore street closed between calvert and south street. because of an overnight shooting down in that area. expect to see some minor delays there as well. also, some fire activity reported cathedral street between tyson and chase has that intersection closed. as we take a peek at our cameras, traffic looking
the n a death of a maryland marine said it should be allowed to protest military fuuerals. family of fa mathew snyder -aking it to supreme court. saying their rights to privacy was violateed whee westboro baptiss church of kansas church filed a brief saying snyder became a public figure when he agreed to be interviewed by the media after his son's death in 2006. youuthought albeer snyder was a public figure? ú%%-14 percent say e is.is noo. tony in baltimore said, being aú retired soldier there is nothing more sacred than the funeral of a fallen sollier and no rrligioussorganization has the right to violate that. >> robert wrote on our facebook page saying albert snyder is a public figure now, but at the time of the funeeal he was nott dat, he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> go to foxbaltimore.com and let us know what you think. you can souud off on faaebook. you can send us a tweeetat fox baltimore. text us to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and ww are going to heer more ressonses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> the video behind mm is
living in these conditions and you have the ability to correct them and you do nothing. >> at maryland legal aid attorneys want tenants to know, if landlords do not repair problems, they urge tenants to contact the county inspector and document everything. >>> bob ehrlich is exppeted to officially toss the hat into the governor. he is scheduled to be in annapolis this afternoon to file for candidacy with the board of elections. the former govvrnor will be looking to reclaim hissold job in a rematch with martin o'malley on wednesday. ehrlich announced his running ú%te will be mary kane his3 former secretary of state. ssay tuned for fox 45 morning news continuing coverage of this story. we will alk with a polltical analyst about ehrlich's choice running mate. 7:00 hour.ming up in the >>> the war of records conninues as ehrlich criticizes the3 governor's response to theemarx %-trace secretary missed mmetin. those comments have sparked a debate. >> i surrounded the people's cabinet wiihhvery competent secretaries. i have not loaded it up with3 cronies as ehrlich did. i will put the pen m
to a fairfax case. >>> in maryland, the search for a missing boater is over. they recovered his body and disappeared tuesday night. the natural resources police say the body was found this morning in the area and the body has been sent to the medical examiner's office for a autopsy in baltimore. >> a dramatic new twist. a confession from one suspected spy and a safe deposit box with large amounts much cash. that is coming the same day that 9 of the suspects appeared in the u.s. for bail hearings held in boston, new york and here in virginia. sherri ly is live with more. >> reporter: today was the first time they got a look at the three virginia spy suspects. it lasted a few minutes. the attorneys for michael vitolli and patricia mills asked to delay their bail hearing until tomorrow and saying they got new information. michael zatolli and pratishia mills, a suspended husband-and- wife team from arlington and their accused accomplice will remain in jail. their bail hearing put off another day. the couple's attorneys claimed they had received new information from the government and pro
we are following tonight. a massive fire in frederick, maryland. skyfox over the scene earlier tonight as firefighters battled these flames. huge clouds of smoke could be seen shooting out of the roof. the building is located at east all saints street and south carol street. we are told it was a business but no word which one. >>> fallout tonight from the mess on the marc commuter rail. first a breakdown that left passengers stranded in the heat for hours. then a missed stop with state transportation officials on board. well tonight the state and am tack are vowing to make things right. fox 5 wisdom martin live at union station. wisdom? >> reporter: some of the top brass involved with running the train system are out talking to passengers trying to reassure them and let them know they are investigating. they will fix these problems and they will do better. it's not every day that the people who ride the train get to talk directly to the people who run the train system. amtrak's c.e.o. joseph bordman, maryland transportation secretary and maryland transit administration chief sp
of the state oo maryland. baltimore city, dc and northern virginia where weehave the heat advisories n place. ú%til 11:00, as we go through3 the day tomorrow. because tte heat will get very uncomfortable through the %-so nothing to move the air to help us cool off. so you get stagnant air. and air quulity can get poor, especially for those folks with breathing conditions. so that's an important factor. nothing goong on. plentt oo sunshine. thanks to the big area of high preesure, that will continue to keep the heat coming up out of the south. as the high pressureewraps in, with that cllckwise rotation of air, heat and humidity wwll continue toorise across the area. over the next couple of days. so whaa we an expect on the next day planner. %-87 degrees.ght. 88 starting off for the morninn rush hour commute with plenty of sunshine. and look at this. -yylunch time, outside lunches, stay inside. 96 degrees. and e ill continue to see that temperature climb into the lower 100s y tomorrow afternoon.3 closer look at how long this will stick around coming uppin the seven-day forecast. ú%ank o
now has a running mate. >> the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland mary kane. >> reporter: but kan he's selection was already old news online as ehrlich's campaign posted the pick on facebook late wednesday. >> that partner is mary kane. mary? >> thank you, bob. >> reporter: the 48-year-old kane is an attorney from potomac and was secretary of state in the ehrlich administration. >> we need to focus our debate and our talks on how to bring maryland's economy back. that is the first and foremost thing that our job is going to be as leaders in this state. >> reporter: while mary kane could bring republican female votes, her family business connection are also bringing questions. >> nonissue as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: husband john kane's moving company was sued by the u.s. government for underpaying workers in violation of federal contract rules and for issuing false documents claiming it was in compliance. >> not related to the political issue. it's not a state of maryland issue. it's a federal review issue. it has nothing to do with the candidate, no
and moments ago, we learned that one of the injured is a teen from maryland and as joel brown reports, a somali group is claiming responsibility. >> reporter: emergency workers rush fans to the hospital after a bomb went off in a club. a militant group scaried -- carried out the attack. >> we were just watching. >> reporter: an american aide aide work is among the dead. several members of a pennsylvania church group were injured. uganda's president lashed out against the terrorists. [ indiscernible >> reporter: the white house condemned the attack and says that president obama is deeply saddened by the loss of life. >> reporter: the attack marks the first time that the group has struck outside its base in somalia. they want the peace keeping troupes out. and u.s. officials say they'll work with the government to bring the attackers to justice. at the white house, joel brown, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >>> and the american killed, a 25-year-old nate hen was a former university of delaware student--. >> one of the girls injures is from ellicott city. >>> and the rematch is on. there's a 1
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